“Longtime MMA reporter Mick Bower uses his inimitable style and wit to craft a picture of the British fight scene rarely covered in the mainstream media. From his first hand, insider perspective of the fights, rumours and stories behind the last few years of the sport, Mick cuts straight to the chase and paints an intriguing picture. Bloody Revolution opens the door into the world of MMA and is a thrilling read for both the uninitiated and the hardcore fan.”

Fighting Fit Magazine


“If you love MMA this is one of the best books written about it. Highly recommended.”

Christian O’Connell

“Bower … knows his stuff. When he delves into the history of the sport, he does so succinctly, with verve, and with penetrating insight.”

He’s also a wonderful story teller. In each of the book’s chapters, itself a stand alone essay of sorts, Bower makes sure to put you in the audience with him. You can practically see the punters, the birds, and the chavs and taste the beer as he takes in his surroundings”.

Bloody Elbow





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